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. >> president obama's white house jim, has had it's problems. based on the comments the president didn't know it happened until they made news. the nsa spying on foreign leaders and the healthcare dot .gov and the irs and the gun running story and the administration has a lot to answer for. but it seems that none of these issues touch the president that directly. >> can i just wait until mid november to answer your questions, okay without what is playing out on capitol hill an may play out tomorrow morning when the classic washington search to burn a witch and the political gains manship. >> i think it's an interesting matter which points to what is a curious management style. and it's why, you know, a huge difference with reagan. this is a guy who i think had heart academic community organizer an and combination of pga pga mattispga pragmaticism. it's a guy who sort of often and community organizer mode like when he was in the basements of baptist churches in the southside of chicago in key formative years. step back and let everything play out. and often is no the to not to worry. i expect
life." the reports came as pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif met with president obama at the white house and renewed his calls for an end to the drone strikes. the two also discussed recent attacks on christians within pakistan. >>> in egypt, coptic christians mourned the victims of a deadly drive-by shooting this week at a cairo church. masked gunmen killed four people, including two young girls. the u.s. and international human rights groups condemned that shooting as well as a recent string of other attacks against egypt's coptic christian minority, estimated at about 10% of the population. despite hopes for an immediate change, the vatican's chief official for doctrine this week reaffirmed the catholic church's traditional teaching banning communion for divorced catholics who remarry. in an article for the vatican newspaper, archbishop gerhard mueller said those catholics may receive communion only if their previous marriage is annulled. pope francis had recently called for more compassion toward divorced catholics. he suggested that an upcoming meeting of bishops may discuss t
communications. so, the white house or president himself to pretend he knew nothing, well this does fit the obama pattern, but that is a presidential lie. lou: and european leaders are having a little fit. but then we learn that many cases we're talking about intelligence delivered by foreign governments to the nsa to the intelligence community, what are we to take of that? is there a certain amount of innocen--in. >> it is pure hypocrisy, the europeans spy on us through the maximum extreme they can do so, one thing, for instance the french, long time now they have been big in industrial espionage, they want to get boeing, that is just one example. people ask why would you want to listen to a friendly leader like the president of france? it is like being on a football team, if is not enough to just study the other team, you have to know the string and weaknesses of people on your team, and by the way they are not always on your team, international diplomacy, it may be dressed in a frock coat, it is a blood sport. lou: and it is common every day practice. and has been for years, it should -- the n
purposes as authorized by law. >> the white house says president obama has ordered a full review of the program is considering changes. >>> new jersey governor marked the one year anniversary of superstorm sandy with a state- wide prayer service in newark. exactly one year ago, superstorm sandy barreled into the northeast causing $60 billion in damage. the second most costly in history. many coastal towns in new york and new jersey will be holding candle light vigils tonight. >>> well, halloween all about ghosts and goblins, but it is the economy that's spooking people this year. on the consumer watch, julie watts explains why spending is down and what it's going to mean for the holiday. >> wear wolves, sexy pirates, there are plenty of costumes to choose from. there just aren't as many customers in line as there were this time last year. >> come back see us again. happy halloween. >> michael ellis say missof the customers they do have are spending less recycling old costumes. >> this year we have let more people than last year. people looking for a wig or particular makeup. redo
. what the administration will also not explain is how president obama didn't know, as the white house claims. >> if the president didn't know, he certainly should have known. one would think that if he didn't know, he would have demanded the resignations of those who should have briefed him. >> reporter: current and former officials say obama may not have known about merkel, but would know that the nsa spied on foreign leaders, including friends. >> the president then, his national security council would be well aware of the types of targets the nsa was targets. that could include allies in europe. >> reporter: merkel, the ally's most powerful politician, grew up in east germany, famous for spying on the citizens, but being eavesdropped by the u.s.? >> don't underestimate her. she has a long memory, and i think it will be a harsh problem for the american/german relations for the next years. >> reporter: the white house is trying to curb the way they control mass records especially here at home. that in the face of growing criticism that america's spy agencies have gone rogue. brian? >
with the white house, way wit want to make that clear. nothing to do with the white house. >> colbert: so obama says. obama had no awareness you were the poet laureate, he found out by watching this show. >> a couple of presidents, it was started by w. >> colbert: so you are one of the good ones. you go with that boat tri. now, i don't want to start a competition here but i also had robert pinsky a few times who was three-time poet laureate of the united states. i am kind of slumming right now. >> now you have got a new collection of poetry here called aim less love, new and selected poems. before we actually get into the nitty-gritty, you have been called the most popular poet in america. does that hurt? >> well -- >> colbert: you know what i mean. >> it is good for mysel my self-esteem. >> colbert: aren't the best photos the ones nobody reads and they die of consumption at 25? >> keats was a great poet. >> he was not popular in his time, they say he died of a bad review. >> colbert: anyway. >> anyway, i think a happy poet doesn't have to be -- it is hard to account for your own popularity and
basically, you speak out, if you are quoted, you're going to get a call from the white house pressure to keep quiet. the insurance executives are being told to keep quiet. the head of the strategy health care associates an outspoken critic of obama care said he's getting calls from executives who want him to speak out anderson for problems because they feel defenseless against the white house p.r. team. it's been told that the white house has exerted massive pressure on the industry, including the trade associations to keep quiet. they fear white house. >> what exactly are they asked to keep quiet about? >> that clarifications were made to the affordable care october. and those clarifications are forcing the insurance agencies to drop the insurance plans. there's a lot of coverage required in the plans. that was not part of many people's private health care plans. those are the people, anderson, being dropped. despite all the rhetoric, i should say, from the president, you simply can't keep your health care plan if it does not mean the requirements. he said the insurance indu
? >> the white house press secretary tried to make the case it's not obama care taking away those individual plans, it's the insurance companies. >> what is absolutely true is if you had a plan before the affordable care act that you liked on the individual market and your insurance company didn't take that away from you and offer something else you purchased, but they provided you the same plan this whole time, you can keep it and that's true. >> cbs news has confirmed 279,000 californians are getting notices that their current policies are no longer adequate under the new law and will be canceled. nationwide, about 2 million people will be forced to shop for a new plan. >>> he's not called the people's pope for nothing. watch as this little boy named carlos jumps on the stage and walks right up to the pope to give him a big hug. yeah. rubs his head there, continues speaking to thousands of families. carlos makes the most of it, waving to the crowd before sitting in the pope's chair while pope francis spoke. >>> a brazen bear out foxes california wildlife rangers and no one knows where i
on our nation's allies. the new push now to scale it back. >> plus, will the white house delay obama care's roll out? our political panel debates it. >>> you are not going to believe this story. the tip that has the whole town and nation talking. and i'm not talking about chocolate. ♪ ain't she sweet, see her caulkicaulk i walking down the street, i ask you very confident shally ain't she sweet ♪ that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff. wow! look at her go! she's pretty good. she's pretty good. hey, flobot, great job. oops. [ powers down ] uh-oh, flobot is broken. the "name your price" tool, only from progressive. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. >>> welcome back. new reports that more thank two million americans are getting kicked off of their health care plans. and that could be the tip of iceberg. two million people already kicked off? some people are saying it is going to go much higher than that. >> thank you for having me. >> to say kicked off that is the wrong
and pundits have seized on the white house explanations to accuse mr. obama of being a bystander president. some democrats are scratching their heads at the seeming detachment from significant matter. msnbc ran a montage of clips showing mr. obama or his aides disclaiming presidential knowledge of various issues. what do you think? what do you think about the president's accountability on these issues and others. michigan, republican, dave am a what do you think? becausei am calling people like me are rarely represented in the media in the discussion about the affordable health care. you will find us in the gems -- , the health food stores, running, jogging, doing the tour there are millions of us devoted to our health, narcissistic to a point. that is only because we are devoted to our health. -- he has. obama nerve to tell me how to stay healthy. i have catastrophic health care and that is all i need. i do not plan on getting all of these diseases that are acquired by not taking myself. commentt me ask you to on our topic. the accountability of the president -- i find that frightening. i
website. we're live with wjz, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> the white house says president obama has complete confidence in secretary sebelius. >>> six months after being taken offline because of mistakes, city speed cameras are not ready to begin issuing tickets. the city does not have a date when the program, which was the largest in north america will be up and working. the speed cameras were shut down because of accuracy problems. the city council and the cameras generate millions in citations in tickets. they say belt tightening will make up the shortfall. >>> allegedly giving students cookies laced with marijuana. several became sick last week, after eating cookies made with pot. according to our media partner, the baltimore sun, a search warrant of mr. tatum's home uncovered a 38-caliber revolver, within reach of his children. 48-year-old clyde tatum is being held on $358,000 bond. >>> they call him the dine and dasher. a man is in jail tonight, for scheming baltimore restaurants out of hundreds of dollars. police say he does the unthinkable to get out of his tab. wjz is l
industry and critic of obama care tells cnn that the white house is excerpts massive pressure on the industry, including trade associations to keep quiet. and our sources are confirming to us what he says adding they fear retribution from the white house. there is embarrassment about the policies that need to be dropped or canceled due to the obama care regulations. but he also says the industry specifically warned the administration this would be the result if those additional coverage requirements moved forward which they did. >> the white house flatly denying that they are excerpting a exerting any pressure at all, right in. >> yes, according to jay carney, he says it ignores the fact insurance companies are talking about the law because they are trying to reach millions of new customers who will now have new affordable options available. >> drew griffin, thank you. coming up, u.s. government accused of spying on yahoo! and google and now the nsa is pushing back. plus dr. sanjay gupta was the last journalist to have an exclusive interview with kathleen sebelius. is her mess
. >> derek, thank you. the white house says president obama has complete confidence in secretary sebelius. the president just wrapped up a speech in boston, defending the healthcare law. >> a washington state man pleads guilty to mailing threatening letters to lawmakers. denise has more on how a maryland senator was targeted. and denise has more. >> reporter: maryland senator barbara mikulski was one of several lawmakers who fell victims to 54-year-old carlson. he is accused of mailing letters to mikulski and several other lawmakers in february 2012. the letters contained white powder, causing major concerns about bioterror attacks. carlson was caught after his wife reported to police that he had laced envelopes with a mixture of corn starch and celery salt. mary? >> denise, thank you. of about 100 letters sent out, most went to u.s. senators and members of congress. wjz is following a developing story. an employee at a city school, under investigation for lacing cookies with marijuana, is arrested on gun charges. a teacher, as i should say. several students at the reach partnership scho
. >>> still to come, we have breaking news, a secret report reveals that the white house knew, knew the obama care web site had problems weeks before the launch. well, they haven't said that before. so why? why was it ignored? >>> plus dramatic testimony at the trial of the costa concordia captain. how witnesses, including his girlfriend at the time, describe the moments before the ship went down. >>> and one of the most exciting moments ever. we're going to show you the entire video in tonight's shout out. this one, amazing! ido more with less with buless energy. hp is helping ups do just that. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. i've got a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more sinus symptoms t
. they got discouraged. john louis said if it wasn't for freedom summer, barack obama wouldn't be in the whies how white house. 40 years from now our children are going to see a better criminal defense public defense system because of you. so our lawyers are changing the world. public defenders are changing the world everyday and you don't realize it because you are caught up in this wrath of injustice. part of it is supporting the public defenders to advocate with stories to try to get the resources that we need and to ultimately build a movement where the voices are too loud. you can't ignore the voices saying. remember what gideon said, this is a civil rights issue and we need to shame the country into stepping up to the plate. >> if anyone wants to learn more about gideon's promise i have borrow brochure. the website is gideon's >> can you tell us about your personal story ? >> my personal story came in 1991. i was convicted of second degree murder of shooting into an occupied car and attempted murder. it all erupted from the area i was from. i was from the
cancelled under obama care rules. the white house says those who's plans change drastically will be able to buy more comprehensive coverage. >> one of the issues it was meant to address is the need to provide better security to those americans who had no other option. >> reporter: shannon travis, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> representative mike thompson sits on the house ways and means committee, he said covered california is working well but some of his constituents say they're not happy with changes due to the health care act. >> usually some of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle have mentioned are cancelled their grandfathered in programs and policies and issuing new policies. >> reporter: tomorrow health secretary kathleen sebelius will appear before the committee. >>> here in california residents have their own concerns about the state's new health care program. john fowler goes over the biggest problems customers are having today. >>> it has been one week since the death of andy lopez the 13- year-old was shot and killed last tuesday by sonoma county sheriff deputy who though
as the president's opponents contend. the white house says america's underinsured will be better off with obama care. jim avila, abc news, washington. >>> we move on to a milestone for countless families across the east coast. it's been one year since super storm sandy hit, changing landscapes and lives. these pictures tell the story, devastation on the jersey shore. that's seaside heights then, and today those homes standing strong. in brick, new jersey, there was then, some progress now but still so much work to do. our team is back in the storm zone tonight. we begin with abc meteorologist ginger zee. >> reporter: everything -- >> holy -- look at this. oh my god, it's washing everything away. >> reporter: swallowed, in the horrific floods, the fires, the remorseless waves and wind. >> oh, my gosh, look at that. this is all ocean coming over here. the storm surges, the tide is coming up. >> reporter: at least 117 lives lost. 650,000 homes damaged or destroyed. even today, from the air, it is a coastline only slowly coming back. >> you can tell when you are going along the shore some of the ho
of dishonesty in the tweets from the white house that says, obama care doesn't require in into lose their insurance. that is plain a lie. what would you call it. >> here's what i honestly think. i think the president was overly broad in his assurances to the american people. that's inarguable. >> he clearly should have been more precise with his words. >> democrats coming out and trying to twist and turn the words, that's not good. but why was the president so overly broad in these an assurances? there's a contempt here. the context is that you had republicans out there saying stalin was on the way. have you extreme overstatement on one side, extreme overassurance on the other. maybe it's a judgment question. >> wait a second. the president of the united states goes around hundreds of times, hundreds and says, you will not lose your insurance. you will not lose your doctor or your hospital. period. >> if you like them. >> this is not complicated. >> listen -- >> was it the truth or was it a falsehood. >> i think as the law was written, he was right. as the regs were written, it's qu
one time political rival, former governor mitt romney. the white house has said mr. obamas main message today will be to be patient. >> ok. we'll see if americans listen to that. >> let's bring in randall pinkton joining us from washing top. is there any indication how the secretary will handle the questions today if it turns hostile? >> we expect that it will be turning hostile. that's a fairly good certainty. she's expected to give more of an explanation about what is being done, the specifics about the plan, the hiring of the technical experts, who are trying to fix the problems with the website. of course, she will probably also apologize, but we are expecting that secretary see bellous will be much more defensive in her responses, rather than yesterday. yesterday was the apology, today, what they're doing to fix it. >> we're hearing a lot in the last few days about americans receiving notices that they will not be renewed next year for their health care insurance. can we expect specifics today from secretary sebelius? >> not quite sure how many specifics we're going to get
on the hill. >> well, we can just take the white house at its word. >> thank you. >> i'm using that tone, because clearly what they said is not true. and no one is coming out, where is president obama? let's hear it. let's have the explanation. were you misled. were you mistaken? what, instead we have carney not to believe our lying eyes and lying ears. instead, the white house predicted this back in 2010. they said more than 10 million would lose their plan because so many plans didn't meet the federal guidelines of obama care. but during the time, the president promised repeatedly the plans would be grandfathered. you heard ed say it. he said if you have a plan right now and obama care passes you will have a grandfathered plan. you will be able to keep your package. that is not true. well, grandfathering didn't work out at all because members of his administration saw to it. now some members of congress today put tough questions to one of the top obama care administrators on this whole thing. watch it. >> i am aware that there are issuers in states who are cancelling their old plans fo
of the european parliament met with some of president obama's top aides at the white house, discussing spying programs focussed on elected officials and citizens abroad. >> i hope the outcome of the visit is not one to lecture the united states on anything. or to threaten the united states. >> reporter: one week after reports surfaced the u.s. tapped personal cell phone of the germ man chancellor, national security council claims they have agreed to intensify cooperation between their country's intelligence services yet there is still intense skepticism. >> trust issues remain. >> reporter: abc news news learned intel agencies listened in on allies >> we do not spy on anyone except for valid u.s. foreign purposes. >> reporter: claiming it's for security purposes a rationale some european officials feel can only go so far. >> we must find a balance between security and privacy. >> of course, it's being questioned here at home as well. republicans and democrats calling for a congressional review of the nsa practices. marcy gonzales, abc news, new york. >> house and senate negotiators began c
for the white house. >> president obama has repeated said that anybody who likes the their existing healthcare coverage can keep it. but the reality is that insurance companies are required to make adjustments to comply with the new healthcare law. and that means hundreds of thousands of consumers in state after staff are being forced to cancel plans unless they had them prior to march, 2010, when the new law was passed. starting next year under the affordable care act, insurance companies must immediateh meet certain basic standards called e searchcial health benefits. there are 10 that must be covered, including doctors' visits, emergency care, hospitalization, maternity care, mental health treatment and prescriptions plans and more. any plan that does not include all of these can no longer be offered. insurance companies are sending cancellation letters to people whose coverage lacks some of the benefits. people most affected by this are people who buy insurance themselves, just freelancers and independent contractors. in all, nearly 14 markos moulitsas americans currently buy insurance thi
of obama care for a long time. so viewers should keep that in mind and the white house saying they totally don't buy this? >> absolutely right, but again, our sources, sources of mine, chris sources are telling -- this is not coming -- >> there is multiple sourcing. drew, appreciate it. >>> more on the promise president obama said repeatedly when he was selling the affordable care act. listen. >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your healthcare plan. >> you can keep it. >> keep it. >> keep your plan. >> you'll be able to keep your healthcare plan. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your plan, you can keep your plan you'll be able to keep your doctor. if you like your doctor, you'll be able to keep your doctor. if you have insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan. nobody is talking about taking that away from you. >> a very simple declarative statement said over and over again, but no in fact, for about 15 approximately americans who have individual health insurance that's not tr
mind. centurylink. your link to what's next. neil: president obama meeting with cybersecurity experts at the white house today. but with those claiming responsibility for security accounts and hackers, of course we are willy-nilly spying on foreign leaders who we like. should the government be getting this kind of advice or any kind of advice and are we looking to correct our own problems? >> i don't want the government involved because they're going to come in and i don't want to hear another one-size-fits-all approach. they come in and create a list in a safer all the different vulnerabilities, here is a blanket approach and you have analyst coming out and saying that this will have our paperwork and make us have tons of bureaucracy that we have to the answer to it is not even suited for us in our country. i hate the people work in the taxpayer money being burned and i hate government coming in and telling companies how they can best do what they can for their own company. another company best. been on a protect themselves. neil: some people thought it would be a wise idea. we shoul
was today. the white house is probably breathing a sigh of relief however this entire obama care rollout is not going well for the white house. it's been a political and policy disaster so far for the white house. and they're going to try to start righting the ship politically with this speech here in. boston which they'll ask people to take the long view here and say, look, you know, this isn't something that's going to happen and can be fixed overnight. even though we had kathleen sebelius up on capitol hill today talking about getting this website fixed by the end of november, bill. >> the glitches are one thing -- >> i'm glad -- yeah. >> -- but this issue people are finding they're losing the policy they thought they were going to be able to keep. you wonder if the president will address this issue of the promises he made in 2009 and '10 where they were debating the issue, if you like your policy, you get to keep your policy. and we're finding those that have individual policies are not able to keep those policies. >> and then there's the jobs issue, bill. companies saying this is to
, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> the white house says president obama has complete confidence in his secretary. sebelius, the president is in boston this afternoon, defending his healthcare law. >>> a washington state man pleads guilty to mailing threatening hert wells to lawmakers, including maryland senator barbara mikulski. 41-year-old christopher carlson faces up to five years in prison. he's accused of mailing letters to mikulski and other lawmakers in february 2012. the letters contained white powder, causing major dinner concern about bioterror attacks. the powder was then deemed harmless. >>> sex, drugs and gang activity, all behind bars. another guilty plea in the scandal at the city jail. vic is live in the newsroom with the latest on this high- profile scandal. vic? >> a police officer pleads guilty to her role in the scheme. 26-year-old kimberly dennis helped the black guerrilla gang operation smuggle drugs into the city detention center. prosecutors say she also had a sexual relationship with two gang members while sharon behind bars. in addition to the seven offi
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that the u.s. spied on america's allies. at the white house it was still a hot topic. protecty jay carney says president obama assured angela merkel there is not and will not be spying on her. this was the reaction when jay carney was asked about leaders of france and japan. >> i don't have anything more specific about specific alleged operation, or conversations that the president may or may not have had with foreign leaders. >> senator dianne fienstein the chair of the committee says it's not proper for america to spy on the leaders of allied nation. the white house order a review of intelligence gathering. >> i talked with the senior advisor at the in effect today. heather hurlburt told me a lot of the authority that the nsa has was given to the agency after the world trade center bombing. >> shortly after 9/11 we passed a bunch of laws and the american people gave a clear message to congress - which was keep us safe, we are happy if you do what it takes to keep us safe. the routes of many disclosures are in the the patriot act or things that were adopted and allowed to stand after 9/1
, that audience is death valley. but now we're reminded of old news, the white house new millions of people would lose their health insurance, well, at least obama was honest with us. >> if you've got health insurance, you like your doctor, you like your plan, you can keep your doctor, can you keep your plan. if americans like their doctor, they will keep their doctor, and if you like your insurance plan you will keep it. no one will be able to take that away from you. if you're one of the more than 250 million americans who already have health insurance, will you keep your health insurance. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. >> he said period. even his punctuation lies. now the white house calls this a normal turnover, so was pompeii, but at least our leader, valerie jarrett, fought back tweeting from her cockpit within obama's cranium where she pulls the lever where she operates the sly left. he's pinky, she's the brain. the gist, plain it on the insurance company but tha
not denied. what the administration will not explain is how president obama did not know as the white house claims. >> if the president didn't know, he certainly should have known. one would think that if he didn't know, he would have demanded the resignations of those who should have briefed him. >> officials say the president pay not have known about merkel but would know the nsa spied on leaders, including friends. >> the president and his national council would by a ware. >> reporter: europe's most powerful politician grew up in east germany, notorious for spying on its own citizens, but being everybodies dropped by the u.s.. >> don't underestimate her. she has a long memory. this will be a reason why this will be a harsh problem for the american-german relations for the next years. >> first of all, we have -- >> did you see that picture of barak barak with his arm around her, willie? >> she doesn't want to be touched. >> she's german, she doesn't want to be touched. >> look. joe, this is a chance, be post-past sand, remember. mr. president bush. >> that's what i'm saying. >> this is po
of this administration, but let's look at what happened in the last few days. a white house tweet saying, quote, nothing in obama care forces people out of their health care. that's patently not true. today the secretary testify health and human services said the obama care website hadn't crashed, which is so wrong it's painful. she also alleged she's barred by law from enrolling in obama care. mo are on that in a moment. cnn is it reporting the administration is pressuring insurance executives to keep quiet, which would be an illegal abuse of power, if it turns out to be true. which part of this does not resemble some of what happened in 1973-'74, including a president whose operative explanation keeps changing. van -- >> nobody is losing their right to health care coverage. for the vast jon of people who have health care coverage that works, you can keep it. for the fewer than 5% of american that is buy insurance on your own, you will be getting a better deal. >> before -- let me just point out, this is the man who spent three years and thousands of references to no one will lose their health insuranc
of obama care and the acknowledgment of the problems, whether he thought the white house had been holding back information. one thing i wanted to ask him about is this charge that president obama was disengaged. we heard people say this, because of president obama not knowing all the details of the nsa surveillance program, and then of course, not knowing all the details of the problems with the obama care website. here's what the former chief of staff, current mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel, had to say about that. >> there have been criticisms with president obama not knowing the details of the obama care website problems. and then also with the national security agency and the spying surveillance of our allies. there have been criticisms of him as disengaged. were you -- >> that is the furthest from the truth about the president. i used to see him every morning. i used to see him every morning, three or four times during the day, and every evening before i went out. when i see him every morning, he had read all the material that was presented to him by everybody. and he knew going into
' communications had been tapped. >> stephen: the ultimate question is, is obama blameless or clueless? (laughter) >> well, you're seeing real sniping going on between the white house and the n.s.a. about whether the n.s.a. is this rogue organization or whether this was all approved at the highest levels. >> stephen: is it possible there's somebody higher than obama that we don't know about? >> not that i know of, no. >> stephen: is there anything wrong with doing this? i say big whoop. >> well, is the risk of getting caught worthwhile? >> stephen: it's better to not know what angie merkel is talking about on her cell phone. >> the question is what are you gaining from it? and now that they've been caught what is the damage going to be? some of this is for political -- domestic consumption in germany and france but there does seem to be genuine surprise among these leaders. >> stephen: some of it is for domestic consumption. some of this outrage is just to make people at home feel nice about their leader objecting to us spying on them? >> they can't say they're happy about it so they have to say
little discussion about allegations the u.s. spied on america's allies. at the white house it was a hot topic. prote press secretary jay carney said president obama assured angela merkel that there was not and will not be spying on her. >> this is what he said about france and spain. >> i have no information. >> senator dianne fienstein says she does not think it is proper for america to spy on the leaders of allied nation. the white house ordered a top to bottom review of intelligence gathering. >>> and the germans want to question nsa leaker edward snowden. they want to bring the nsa contractor in to testify at a parliamentary inquiry, after reports that the u.s. spied on 35 countries. edward snowden has kept a low profile since being granted asylum in russia. >> fireworks will occur on capitol hill as health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius goes before a senate kate me to -- senate committee to apologise for the site. >> at first they blamed high volume. four weeks into launch the official in charge of the website offered this. >> to the millions of ameri
.s. officials said the white house okayed spying on allies which contradicts what obama and his top aides. this has thrown them under the bus again because again he is a kenyan born, lady hating interloper. our relationship will never be this close with our allies again. >> like i said, first gay marriage and mow it is dogs and dudes. i want to go to the expert here what did you make of the reports that obama was spying on allies? >> without getting into too many details, what we call this in the agency is called something nicey naughty pasamaquadey. first you identify who is nice and that is the president and naughty is nsa. naughty is here and nice right here. as far as pasamaquadey that's over there. >> that's a clear explanation. >> most of us with a background try to do that. >> a lot of people that come on these shows pretend to have expertise and hmm and haw. >> baker good to see you on the show. you worked with the cia. >> yes. >> what the hell is going on? >> go on. this will be good. >> bill is absolutely right. >> this has to drive you crazy. people are surprised we are spying
in poetry, but when we are elected we are forced to govern in prose." tonight, president obama's poetry is under attack. >> the white house finds it self under the magnifying glass. >> the website has been grilled for hours. >> is that a true statement. >> yes or no question. >> by members of the house ways and means committee. >> this is government-run health care. >> republican leadership its out with a new message. >> the problems run deeper than just the website. >> we are over the website. >> my constituents can't keep their health care plan. >> he received this cancellation letter. >> they thought they could keep. >> they are not happy. >> they did not expect to get the letters. >> we need to fix the problem. >> expanded coverage. >> keep my doctors. >> you want prices to go down. >> i would look to have lower premiums. >> both involve more government. >> pass. >> republicans are walking into a trap. >> they have branded the republican party as anti-obama care party. >> the republican party is a post policy party. >> you have to defend the shut down. >> the shut down was magnifice
, the white house is saying president obama has complete confidence in health and human services secretary sebelius after the health care rollout. jennifer, the hill is reporting that behind the scenes obviously the president is sieging, not happy but he is giving kathleen sebelius the room and time needed to make the repairs and it is her responsibility there. >> that's right. she took full responsibility at the hearing today and said this is my fault, i'm going to fix it. we saw democrats really support her. very few democrats asked tough questions of her. most spent their time supporting her or supporting the law, even though republicans spent a lot of time attacking her. interestingly republicans have been calling for her to be fired but did not actually ask her to her face today to resign her post. >> wendell, a lot of questions initially people thought would be about the website and why it is not operating as it should. but we heard many republicans go back to this issue of some people will get cancellation letters or have received letters and that they will not have health care. sec
hole in the coverage. >>reporter: over sold or bigly as the president opponent con 10. white houses america underinsured better off with obama care. this is abc news washington. >> mean time there are new calls for total stop to spying on american friends beautiful what did the president know and how much damage has been done? here's karen. >> top intelligence officials went before congress to defen the sweeping surveillance program that the obama administration under fire. >> don't spy anyone except valid purpose. >> we would rather be here telling use we tee fened these programs than having given them up and have our nation or our allies be in attack. >>reporter: pressure on the obama administration over the secret program continues to grow. over the last week outrage after reports said the nsa swept up millions of phone calls in those countries. but today the nsa director confirmed a report in the wall street journal that he was actually french and spanish intelligence agency that did the surveillance then passed it on to the n sa. still outrage over the machine tring of 35
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